Maintenance and care

of your collection,

in your garden.

for the love of bonsai.


After more than 25 years of constant application to master bonsai techniques, Liu can care for your collection or can collaborate with you to develop your own techniques to keep your bonsai happy.
Services can include instructions, trimming, styling, wiring, re-potting, fertilising and application of fungicides or insecticides.

get more out of your bonsai collection!

and use our schedule
of monthly maintenance activities as a reminder of the care your collection might need.

Remember that no schedule can reliably apply to all plant species or local climatic conditions
and the schedule must not be used as a substitute for expert advice.


Bonsai2u provides you with support to keep your bonsai collection looking its best all year round,
without having to load up your plants onto a trailer to cart them to a nursery for a half day workshop.
Bonsai2u provides care and maintenance for your collection, in your own garden, in the greater Melbourne district.

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Care and maintenance of bonsai collections in the greater Melbourne area.

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